• Specialise in pipework

    Omnis is a northwest based pipework company run by engineers who collectively have over 40 years' experience, ensuring we understand your business needs.

    We specialise in pipework development working along side you at the design phase of your project from measuring your site and finding workable solutions.

    We can prefabricate pipework at our Warrington depot to complete the on site installation at a time that suits you, including understanding the importance of shut down time scales. We will be there at every stage of the project right through to completion. We can repair and maintain your existing pipework keeping business downtime to minimum.

    Omnis have experience working with a variety of different industries, from petrochemical, chemical, dairy, brewing and pharamaceutical. We also have experience working within the fire testing industries.

    Company directors Stephen Brooks and Neil Ilott launched Omnis to offer something special. A firm that cares about quality, safety, timescales and keeping costs competitive. As directors that are hands on engineers we are able to see the project through to the end.

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  • People at Omnis

    Investing in people is a fundamental part of our business. We work hard to maintain a safe working environment in which every member of staff is valued.

    Omnis People

    Our employees are hand picked for their knowledge and experience in pipework engineering, from our workshop projects to our on site installations, Omnis staff work safely, productively, with a good housekeeping attitude and a smart appearance.

    Omnis is committed to tomorrow by having a apprenticeship program, giving young individuals the skills required to make it in the engineering field. This is something we value and will continue to push as a company.

    Omnis engage in team building activities to maintain a bond with our employees as we feel this is important to keep a close team.

  • Green Initiatives

    Omnis is committed to lowering our impact on the environment.

    This is something we feel very strongly about and we hope by 2023 all our vehicles will be powered by electric motors.

    We have installed our first 32amp charging station and now run 2 electric vehicles in our fleet and hope to add 1 more this year !

    Our diesel fork lifts trucks have also been replaced with electric trucks and will continue to push to lower our carbon footprint as we head forward to our 2023 goal.

    In addition, we also intend to have 'smart lighting' at HQ and are currently in talks with the local council about providing recycling facilities.

    Omnis Engineering is hosted on green servers

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