Omnis is a company that invests in the latest technology to complete hygienic stainless steel projects to a very high standard.

Our orbital welding machines use the latest generation power sources and closed chamber welding heads ensuring hygienic quality.
Hygienic requirements and resistance to corrosive media under pressure and temperature. The final product must not be affected by contamination or microbial growth.

The orbital welding guarantees:

  • Reproducible, pure welds for optimum resistance against microbiologically influenced corrosion
  • Smooth welds for easy cleaning to meet the hygienic requirements
  • Controlled and constant penetration
  • Minimized heat input in the heat-affected zone
  • Minimized oxidation
  • Metallurgical superiority
  • ISO documented weld quality
  • Gain of time thanks to reduced testing (non-destructive/destructive testing)
  • Automatic documentation of the welds within integrated quality management systems
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Increasing quality requirements, materials difficult to weld

In order to improve the overall characteristics of the products, particularly the life span, high and special alloy materials are frequently used. Only automated welding guarantees to weld with limited heat input to respect the material properties.

Unequalled quality in assembly

Special corrosion, pressure and heat resistant materials are currently available. These materials improve the characteristics and lifespan of products. Through the use of orbital welding equipment, the highest repeatable quality independent from the operator is guaranteed.

  • 100% penetration and excellent weld seam compacity.
  • The use of filler material is required to guarantee the joint's high metallurgical and mechanical characteristics.
  • The latest pulsed welding machines are used in conjunction with orbital welding machines to complete projects where fittings and space dictate our fully trained and time-served welders use this technology to the highest standards.